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Tie dye is such a fun way to express yourself through your clothing. With a mix of fun colors and patterns from the process, it's no wonder that it has never gone out of style and continues to be a top choice from screen printers. Dyenomite has been a brand that has capitalized on the popularity of this fun trend and has worked on providing it to its consumers in a multitude of styles and colors. They are a company committed to the hand-tying and the hand-dying of their fabrics while also providing vintage garment - dyed options for the less technicolor inclined. Take a look at some of their amazing products like the Dyenomite 200MR, Dyenomite 200MW, and the Dyenomite 200AR! With options that help promote your favorite charity, like their Awareness Ribbon T-Shirt to just a fun shirt to keep in your closet Dyenomite is a great choice for you!


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