T-Shirt Guide: Finding The Right Fabric For Screenprinting


T-Shirt GuideAs a business owner, you have to make countless decisions each day. Before you start a screen printing job, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is the t-shirt fabric you’ll use for the job. There are numerous t-shirt fabrics on the market today, so this decision may seem confusing.

Clothing Shop Online offers affordable and high-quality t-shirts that are specifically made for screen printing jobs. The fabric experts have designed a comparison of different popular fabrics in this helpful t-shirt guide. Review these options closely so you can easily make the right decision for your next printing job.

Clothing Shop Online's T-Shirt Fabric Guide Infographic

100% Cotton.

As one of the most popular t-shirt fabrics, cotton is soft and perfect for sensitive skin. It is often referred to as one of the best materials for screen printing since the outside is perfectly smooth. Most cotton t-shirts are lightweight but heavier weight options are available as well. There are several styles of cotton t-shirts offered through Clothing Shop Online. Any of these affordable options are sure to look great with your screen-printed design. With cotton, it is important to keep in mind that t-shirts can shrink when dried in a machine so sizing up may be a good idea for many customers.

100% Polyester.

T-Shirt Fabric Guide 100% Cotton Detail

The next type of fabric discussed in this t-shirt guide is often referred to as the “fitness fabric” due to its ability to dry quickly. Polyester is also known for holding its shape well, even through wash and dry cycles. This fabric is resilient and comfortable, making it a great option for screen printing. If you want your branded shirts to last a long time, peruse Clothing Shop Online’s polyester options. They include a wide variety of colors and fits so it’s easy to find the right blank canvas for your next printing project.

50/50 Blend.

T-Shirt Fabric Guide 50/50 Blend DetailThe 50/50 blend is also called “poly-cotton” by some brands because it’s a combination of both fabrics. T-shirts made with a 50/50 blend generally also hold shape well but are light and cool, making them perfect for everyday wear in hot environments. This fabric is popular with screen printers because it is wrinkle resistant and the inclusion of polyester gives it the strength to last through wash cycles. 50/50 blend options from Clothing Shop Online include several brands and styles at affordable prices.


T-Shirt Fabric Guide Tri Blend Detail

.As a blend of cotton, polyester and rayon, tri-blend is a one of the most popular fabrics mentioned in this t-shirt guide. It is a favorite material for screen printers who are hoping for a “vintage” look for their projects. Tri-blend t-shirts are known for their extremely soft feel and they hold their shape well through washing without shrinking. Although tri-blend shirts are generally known as an expensive option for business owners who want to screen print, there are several affordable tri-blend options available through Clothing Shop Online.

Take the options discussed in this t-shirt guide into consideration when planning out your next screen printing job. By choosing the right t-shirt material, you can create an end result that offers the style, softness and durability your customers want.

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