Unisex T-Shirt Buying Guide

unisex t-shirt guide

If you’re looking into purchasing your next garments through Clothing Shop Online, you may have noticed the many different sizing options available. If you’re planning to make a unisex size purchase, it is important to review the unisex t-shirt size guide that is provided with the product. To ensure you buy a shirt that provides your desired fit, read through the differences in unisex t-shirt sizing and how it compares to men’s and women’s sizing.

Unisex T-Shirt Buying Guide

Unisex T-Shirt Buying GuideHow Do Unisex T-Shirts Fit?

A unisex t-shirt is an unfitted shirt that is not specific to either the male or female gender. This type of tee offers a boxy fit and is more inline with the fit that a men’s shirt provides to the body. Keep in mind that a unisex t-shirt does not conform to a woman’s curves, which can be a negative for some women but is exactly what some females may be looking for. When observing the unisex t-shirt size guide, notice that this type of sizing offers a straight cut. For example, take a look at the Bella + Canvas Unisex Triblend Short Sleeve Tee, a soft, high-quality and affordable shirt that is offered with unisex sizing.

Unisex T-Shirt Buying GuideUnisex Sizing vs. Men’s Sizing


If you observe the unisex t-shirt size chart, you will see that the sizing is most similar to men’s shirt sizes. Unisex sizing most closely resembles the t-shirt shapes that are made for men. If a man orders a men’s shirt or a unisex shirt, he will most likely not notice a difference in fit or shape. The Alternative – Eco-Jersey Double Ringer Tank is the perfect example of a men’s shirt because it’s a tank that is straight and boxy. It is perfectly tailored to fit the male body, but the shape is not unlike unisex sizing.

Unisex T-Shirt Buying Guide

Unisex Sizing vs. Women’s Sizing

When comparing women’s t-shirt sizing to unisex t-shirt sizing, there are many differences in shape that can be noted. A t-shirt that is specifically designed for women will offer the proper shape to hug her curves. Women’s t-shirts do not conform to the straight cut that is offered with unisex shirts, so they are more likely to conform to a woman’s hips and show off her shape. Many younger women are more attracted to women’s t-shirts as opposed to unisex because they feel a straight cut is too big and bulky. The Bella + Canvas – Women’s Cap Sleeve Sheer Mini Rib V-neck Tee is a popular t-shirt with trend-seeking women because it offers the tailored fit that is usually conducive to the latest styles.

Using this unisex t-shirt size guide, as well as the unisex t-shirt size chart that is available for all unisex sizing products offered through Clothing Shop Online, you should be able to choose your desired size. Whether you want a unisex, men’s or women’s product, you’ll be happy with the quality and value you’ll find through Clothing Shop Online. Equipped with this sizing knowledge, enjoy shopping the many categories of t-shirts available on the site today!

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