How to Buy Clothing Wholesale

If you have a clothing business, buying wholesale can help to stretch your business dollar. It can also help you maintain wider profit margins and avoid overpaying for large orders. One of the simplest ways to save on a consistent business cost, ordering in bulk is often the difference between hitting your margins and having to close up shop.

There are several ways to buy clothing wholesale; here are three suggestions from Clothing Shop Online:


Wholesale Websites

If you need to buy dozens, or even hundreds, of blank t-shirts for screenprinting, your primary focus should be ensuring the cost makes sense with your margins. When comparing prices across wholesale websites, you must always ensure that the websites are genuine. Though it may seem like an obvious suggestion, it is an important consideration. It’s as easy as ever to create a website, making it more difficult to tell which wholesale clothing websites are legitimate and which are scams.

Here are some ways to know if your wholesale clothing distributor is legitimate:

  • Check that the wholesale clothing distributor’s domain name matches the store’s name, ideally a name you recognize
  • Make sure that they have an SSL certificate.
  • Never make purchases on a public network, such as at an airport, hotel, café, or university. Public networks often lack basic security protocols, and it is easy for a hacker to spoof a website you are attempting to reach if they are on the same network as you.

In addition to Clothing Shop Online, there are a number of trusted online wholesale clothing sellers, including:


Shop eBay, Amazon and Department Store Sales

eBay and Amazon sellers aren’t deeply vetted, so make sure that your seller has a legitimate history as a seller (and even a website) before purchasing. Don’t rely on reviews alone, as they can be fabricated. Those concerns aside, both eBay and Amazon have hundreds of respected sellers that can offer you quality bulk clothing, often directly from the source. Several Taiwanese, Chinese, and other Asian markets sell bulk clothing through these kinds of websites, among other sellers. Often these sellers offer poly-blends that are less common in the U.S. and just as durable.

Don’t forget about potential savings at major department store annual sales events either. For example, Dillards, a department store chain popular in the Southeast United States, has a major clothing sale every year on January 1st where you can find deeply discounted clothing for the day. Big Lots, Costco, and Sam’s might also offer massive savings for quality bulk clothing, especially around the holidays and during seasonal changes. This approach could also help close the clothing cycle loop by saving hundreds of pounds of textiles from being offshored abroad, wasting fuel and energy.


Closing Stores

Auctions, bankruptcies, and other types of store closings can offer major savings on bulk items. In recent years, Sears, Service Merchandise, Kmart, Family Dollar, the Gap, and even Victoria’s Secret have closed hundreds of stores, either due to bankruptcies or downsizing – to the benefit of wholesale buyers. Local, vintage or thrift clothing stores may have lots of clothing their trying to unload, so don’t overlook those either. Don’t be afraid to contact sellers directly to negotiate a better bulk price. You might be surprised to find how motivated they are to earn your business.

However you choose to buy clothing wholesale for your business, there are several options that will fit your business and profit needs at different stages. From online to in-person, there are more options to buy wholesale clothing than ever before.

Consider these tips on how to buy clothing wholesale for your online business from Clothing Shop Online!


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