4 DIY Tees For The 4th of July

Summer marks the time for many events. Beach days, barbeques, chasing after ice cream trucks, these are all some of our favorite activities, but we especially love the 4th of July. With all of its fanfare and patriotism, nothing is better than donning the iconic red, white, and blue colors, and watching the fireworks with your family. In the spirit of this national holiday, we have put together four fun DIY t-shirt ideas for you and your family to try out.

So grab your crafting supplies and get started with these festive designs!

How to Firecracker Tie Dye apply blue dye

A Patriotic 4th of July Tie Dye 

Try the trend of tie-dye and emulate your favorite summer treat by having your tee match the red, white, and value of the classic popsicles like the Bomp Pop or the Firecracker. All you need is a plain white tee, red and blue fabric dye, and three rubber bands. Start by wetting your t-shirt and wring out the excess water (remember you want the t-shirt to be damp, not soaking wet). Tie your shirt into three sections with the rubber bands, and layout the shirt on a clean and covered surface. Next, take you red dye and cover the top third of your tee, and repeat the same process with the bottom third of your tee with the blue dye. Let it sit for a few hours, and then wash it with the shirt still tied. Finally, throw it in the dryer after untying the shirt, and you have your firecracker inspired tee! Bonus points if you take a picture of you eating the iconic popsicle while wearing the tee.


These American flag handprint tees are super easy to make and are the perfect DIY shirts for the 4th of July!

Using Your Hands in The Design

A fun way to get the kids involved in creating clothes for the Fourth is by making a bit more interactive, by making their handprints a part of the design. For this, you just need red and blue fabric paint, a paintbrush, a white tee, and your little ones to help you out. Place a little bit of blue paint on a paper plate and layout your tee on a clean, flat, and covered service. Make sure that you place either a cardboard t-shirt insert or even some paper inside the tee to prevent the paint from bleeding through. Have your kids place their hands within the blue paint and carefully place it on the tee. When your kid lifts your hand there should be a clear blue handprint that will be the start of their flag. Go on with painting 13 red horizontal stripes, as you see on the American flag, and now you have a fun and easy handmade shirt that your kids had a literal hand in making!


Creating Your Own Graphics

Looking for something a little more creative? Check out this awesome way to get a star pattern with just an eraser and some fabric paint. Take a piece of freezer paper and trace an out outline of a star on it. Take your time and cut it out, if you are helping your kids with this, you will for sure want to make sure you are using safety scissors. Once you have your star cut out, place it down on the shirt (shiny side down) in iron it on the shirt. Then comes the fun part! Take a pencil and use the eraser on the end to dot the shirt with different red, white, and blue. It’s okay if you get some on the star cutout. Once you are pleased with the look of the tee, wait for it to dry and then peel off the star cutout. Now you have a cool star-patterned tee to add to your patriotic wardrobe.

Feel free to customize this by changing the size of the star, adding multiple different stars to the tee, or even changing up the colors a bit!


Repurposing Your Bandanas 

Finally, try repurposing fabrics that you already have in your possession and use them to make a fun textured shirt. Take bandanas for instance. Not only are they easy pieces of fabric to get a hold of, but they are also inexpensive and can be picked up at most craft stores for very cheap prices. Grab some red and blue bandanas and fabric glue and get started. Take your red bandana and cut even strips of fabric. Depending on the shirt size, these strips can be anywhere from half an inch to an inch wide. Place those strips off to the side, and take your blue bandana and trace star patterns onto its surface. After that is done, cut them out carefully, and start arranging everything into an American Flag pattern on the front of the tee. When you’re pleased with how your flag is arranged, glue it down to the shirt with your fabric glue. And Voila! You have a fun tee ready for a family barbeque.


So have some fun and get creative with your 4th of July apparel. Whether it be repurposing old tees or adding some great touches with fabric paint, these ideas will give you some easy ways to show your patriotic spirit. 

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